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As we start a new decade and aspire for a more sustainable future, we will not allow the Philippines to be locked in to a Business-As-Usual approach of more expensive energy, more import dependence, more pollution, and worsening climate change. We pledge to take the lead in navigating the Philippines’ bold journey of justly and effectively transitioning our energy future to one that is decarbonized, digitalized and decentralized. Between 2020 and 2030, we pledge to contribute meaningfully to the single largest economic opportunity in recent Philippine history: orchestrating an inclusive and responsive energy transition that will benefit this and the next generations of Filipinos. We have thus outlined a 10-point Manifesto of our Principles and Demands for the public and private sectors to take action:

Principles for an Inclusive and Responsive Energy Transition

Demands for a Cleaner, More Affordable, Smarter, Future-ready Energy System